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Luminary construction update

Luminary construction update

Luminary is beginning to emerge from its chrysalis of scaffolding and is taking on the shapes, colours and textures that will make it a distinctive local landmark.

Perhaps one of the strongest indicators that we are in the final stages is that the tower crane has been dismantled and the building is a hive of activity with work going on at all levels, inside and out.

We are ticking off some major sections. Roof works – the structural steel, roof sheeting and the plant platform – are complete and the lifts are being installed.

Tradespeople of all kinds are busy on the interior. On ground and level 1, the joinery is being fitted, and windows and external doors have been installed on 1, 2 and 3.

Ceilings and walls are being plastered on levels 2 and 3, and painters are working on several floors. Waterproofing and tiling has begun and we have started installing stone. The car stacker is being set up.

Luminary is set for completion in September 2019. To secure one of the final residences within this prized community, follow the link to register your details.