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Luminary comes to life

Luminary comes to life

For over 25 years our team has delivered unparalleled residential projects in prized locations. We have done this through strong collaborations, with the best design and construction teams bringing our refined offerings to life

Our Luminary Hawthorn builder, IRONSIDE Construction is a contemporary business who have built a reputation worthy of the Lechte name specialising in multi-residential dwellings.

With construction well underway at Luminary, IRONSIDE’s Managing Director Luke Skurrie shares his insight into the execution of this prestigious development.

  • What is unique about collaborating with Lechte Corporation?

  • More than almost any client we’ve worked with, the Lechte Corporation is heavily involved in the process. Between Christopher Paul, Peter and Jennifer Lechte, they are at every design meeting and sample sign off ensuring the team is aligned and accountable at each step of the process.

  • Lechte Corporation challenge us. They push the boundaries, and their purchasers reap the rewards.

  • What are the benefits of working on a boutique development like Luminary?

  • For IRONSIDE, it’s the high specifications and quality of finishes. Everyone is invested, so it feels more like we’re building a house for someone than a collection of apartments. There’s an increased sense of pride in the execution at Luminary. Everyone’s going the extra mile to deliver a project that is distinctive.

  • Luminary’s design is highly nuanced, how does IRONSIDE ensure the integrity of the architecture?

  • This has been our first job with Plus Architecture and they’ve been just brilliant to work with. Their design has a great layout with a generous sense of space. Lechte Corporation truly champions good design and having this be paramount up front enables us to work practically to resolve the Luminary vision to its fullest expression.

  • How does IRONSIDE ensure each project is delivered with excellence?

  • At IRONSIDE we don’t have an A team or a B team. All our personnel are trained in delivering boutique, high-end developments to the exacting standards that a developer like Lechte expect. Our processes enable us to work smartly and efficiently, ensuring we can do what we do well in a timely manner for purchasers.

  • What inspires you to lead at IRONSIDE?

  • For me, it’s the opportunity to be invited into a suburb and leave something of value behind. I want for all of the teams involved in the project to remember the relationships, community and expertise that created it. In years to come we’ll drive past Luminary with the kids in the car, and I know I’ll still be proud of what we achieved. Luminary is a milestone, and I know we’ll never forget it.

  • What nuances in the craftsmanship at Luminary do you think residents will appreciate?

  • Two elements that stand out to me are the bespoke joinery and the natural stone finishes throughout the bathroom. We work on so many builds, and the quality of these features set Luminary apart. Lechte Corporation has allowed their purchasers to add their own personality through subtle customisation in the design too. You don’t get a lot of that in apartment market. That, coupled with the care involved, make Luminary a home, not just an apartment.

Luminary is set for completion in September 2019. To secure one of the final residences within this prized community, follow the link to register your details.