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A collaborative history

A collaborative history

Since its inception, the fostering of long-standing collaborations has been integral to Lechte Corporation’s approach.

Effective business collaborations require trust, humility and respect. This respect must be mutual. It must be born of a foundational regard for the process and the project at hand.

Advances in technology have made collaboration more possible than ever. Digital platforms have made partnerships available at the click of a button, giving us access to streams of new work from around the world. However, at Lechte it has always been the quality of the collaboration - not the quantity - that is paramount to us.

In my time in both the finance and property sectors, I have seen firsthand what it takes to make partnerships succeed. At their best, collaborations keep us sharp. As iron sharpens iron, the rigorous workshopping of ideas between trusted partners yields stronger results.

Here are three key collaborators which Lechte is proud to partner with consistently.

  • We have always prided ourselves on working with the best in architecture and design. Our work with Plus Architecture exemplifies this. Lechte’s collaboration with Plus Architecture spans almost a decade. It is evidenced in multiple projects from our investor driven Campus Clayton to our owner occupier project, Luminary Hawthorn, which is currently on track for completion. By collaborating with architects of prestige, we have established a well-earned reputation as a trusted leader in the Australian property development sector.
  • My work in the financial sector has also taught me that a project can only be as good as the exacting commercial process which underscores it. Our long-standing relationship with Lechte’s preferred finance partner, Abacus Property Group, has meant the successful delivery of a number of Lechte projects. Their capital and property expertise, coupled with our local, sector-specific knowledge is a combination which continues to set new benchmarks – as will be the case at our forthcoming West Melbourne project.
  • Lastly, as a family owned business, we have been practicing a unique approach to collaboration internally for more than 25 years. By working in partnership with Directors Peter and Jennifer Lechte, we all work together to increase efficiency and actively reduce the risk of operating in a siloed mentality with conflicting goals. Each project that bears the Lechte name is one purpose built to serve the needs of a specific community and elevate the local area in which it is found. To deliver projects that do this, we must practice what we preach and bring these to life with the collective force of the Lechtes.
Collaboration is more than the end result.

Yes, these long-standing partnerships give us the satisfaction of seeing our vision bought to life across Melbourne. But more than this, we take pride in the process of collaboration. In the camaraderie of working meritoriously with partners like Plus, Abacus, Crema, Mim Design and more, we deliver a product of superior quality - one that exceeds what could be executed by any isolated approach.

We cannot afford to proceed alone in property. Our purchasers deserve greater than that, and we celebrate the long-lasting partnerships that Lechte is set to enjoy for years to come.