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Challenge, Succeed Excel: Looking forward with Jennifer Lechte

Challenge, Succeed Excel: Looking forward with Jennifer Lechte

How have you seen the Lechte team grow in the past year?

In 2017 I have seen our team grow in many ways and we have come through stronger, closer and more focussed. Peter, Chris and I all have strong opinions and we voice them, workshopping vigorously to find the best solutions for our purchasers.

We argue about everything; taking each detail to task and understanding them in new ways. That process of interrogation has seen us develop the most exquisite dwellings for our clients.

What have you learned about your purchasers in 2017?

That they are very savvy. You mustn’t underestimate your purchasers’ knowledge of the market. They read widely, they are educated and intelligent. To succeed in building fruitful relationships with your clients you must speak eye to eye with them, and we are grateful for the fulfilling relationships we have built with ours.

Who have you appreciated working with in 2017?

We thoroughly enjoy and respect our ongoing rapport with Abacus Property Group. As always, we could not achieve all that we do without our esteemed design partners, and we have been fortunate to collaborate with Plus Architecture in the past year. Our close relationship with the family and construction company Crema continues to yield great rewards, and last – but never least - I could not forget to mention my closest comrades, the team at Lechte.

What have been your most memorable moments?

We were privileged last year to make time in our schedule for travel. Having the opportunity to seek out the best in international art, design and architecture for our clients is essential to the Lechte ethos.

We visited The W in Barcelona, designed by architect Ricardo Boffil. The design was exquisite. From the floor plans to the fixtures, Boffil’s work created an uplifting sense of ease. It is a refinement that we greatly look forward to incorporating in our projects closer to home.

If you could describe your approach to business in three words, what would they be?

Challenge. Succeed. Excel.

You have got to challenge yourself to achieve excellence, and you have got to love the journey of that challenge. Rainer Maria Rilke speaks to this in a similar ilk in "Letters to a Young Poet," when he talks of "loving the questions."

At Lechte we have always loved the question of how to deliver a superior experience for our purchasers, and it is our deepest satisfaction to rise to the challenge of delivering this.

What is the Lechte team most looking forward to in 2018?

As always, we are most looking forward to doing the work, and to the simple joy of working together.

We aren’t creating buildings for our own ego, we do it for the art form. We do it because it’s exciting, it’s enjoyable, and because there is nothing we would rather put our minds to.